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Awards to recent graduates

posted 4 Dec 2017, 21:24 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario

Every year APRIR awards a medal and a one-year free membership to graduates who achieved the highest total average in their teaching education programme. This traditional recognition is available to all the institutions in Rosario.

This year, the awards were received by:

Instituto "San Bartolomé"

Profesorado de Inglés para Educ. Inicial y Primaria: Prof. Paula Gisel Orozco

Profesorado de Inglés Educ. Secundaria:  Prof. Ana Paula Suárez

IES "Olga Cossettini"

Profesorado de Inglés para Educ. Inicial y Primaria: Prof. Mercedes Ma. Colomar  

Profesorado de Inglés Educ. Secundaria: Prof. María Josefina Gregoris 


Our congratulations go to these new colleagues!

Academic presentations by APRIR members in 2017

posted 20 Nov 2017, 15:21 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 16:20 ]

Elsa Dobboletta and Cintia Corti (with Cintia Schöne):

Género discursivo y competencia lingüística: marco de análisis de textos digitales para la enseñanza de inglés en ingeniería química. September 14th-15th. VII Jornadas internacionales sobre la enseñanza de inglés en las ingenierías.  

Magdalena Prinster de Botto:

Learning how to write - September 16th. American Institute.

Viviana Valenti:

Optimizing Navigation in Authenticated Hyperlinked Texts to Guarantee Knowledge Construction 2017 FAAPI Conference.

Viviana Valenti and Carla Raguseo (with Paola Bianchi): 

La exploración de formatos hipermediales para la lectocomprensión de textos en inglés para fines específicos. 
September 14th-15th. VII Jornadas internacionales sobre la enseñanza de inglés en las ingenierías.  

Florencia Viale: 

Rock your students´ speaking skill with Rocky - August 5th. APICA.

English around us: optimising every day input with elementary students and Tailor-made stories for Kinder to meet authentic classroom needs. 2017 FAAPI Conference.

Patricia Zorio:

Teaching the New Generation - March 18th Rosario and March 31st Bahía Blanca. For Oxford University Press

We apologise for any omissions. These are the presentations we have been able to trace, since our members seem to be too shy to share their achievements. 

If you are an APRIR member and you are presenting at any event or organizing a special activity, please keep us posted by filling in this form: . Or just email the information to us. We will be delighted to share the information

End-of-year party 2017

posted 8 Nov 2017, 20:06 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 30 Dec 2017, 09:38 by Mariel Amez ]

 Let’s celebrate our 2017 achievements together!

We've booked the trendy Budapez only for us 

You can't miss it!

Female voices in Shakespeare

posted 22 Oct 2017, 08:22 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 22 Oct 2017, 08:27 ]

At your request, we take great pleasure in offering for a second time this play reading show coordinated by Prof. Mónica Pérez.

If you missed it last time, or if you want to enjoy it again, this is your chance!

When? November 10th, 7 pm

Where? ARCI library, Buenos Aires 1174

APRIR members: free of charge 

Students and non members:  $50

Online enrolment is essential.  Pay at APRIR's office or on site

If you are not a member, book your seat by paying in advance.


2017 FAAPI Conference Free Pass

posted 7 Oct 2017, 17:42 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 7 Oct 2017, 17:52 ]

APRIR member Florencia Viale was the winner of the draw for a Free Pass for the 2017 Conference.  

She has summarised her impressions in the following article.

On Faapi 2017, faaping, authenticity…y otras yerbas!

Back in 2012 I submitted a proposal for FAAPI (San Martín de los Andes) – its main theme then being “Views on Motivation and Autonomy in ELT” - which aimed at discussing teacher motivation through the invaluable gain of actively participating in conferences by debriefing my own experience at IATEFL that same year. The purpose of this was to use these academic opportunities as empowering tools to counter-fight routine and the well-known and mostly feared burn-out syndrome. As Dörney[1] (2001: 9) states “Humans do a lot of things as a matter of routine, and such relatively automated or habitual actions are often not under direct motivational control.”

A year later I had the possibility to contribute to APrIR’s 5th Newsletter with an article[2] on my perceptions of FAAPI 2013 (Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires); once again I was urging my audience to embark on this three-day academic pilgrimage that would enrich not only their classroom practices but their very souls.

This year the venue was Posadas, Misiones. A little earlier than usual, true. Much further distance to travel  than we were used to (Córdoba, Buenos Aires, even San Juan seemed round the corner), true. Many arrangements to be made if one really wanted to attend FAAPI this time: budget, days off, family, and the list goes on and on.

But then, there were also plenty of favourable variables to consider: the possibility to explore a thorny issue in ELT these days – authenticity; the chance to be immersed in a context where bilingualism IS a daily authentic practice since the Guaraní community is imperceptibly woven into  the immigrant-descendent Misioneros traditions and lifestyle; the added value of visiting World Heritage monuments, such as San Ignacio and Santa Ana, or natural wonders, such as the breathtaking Iguazú falls.

Posadas gave us a beckoning welcome: the weather was prematurely anticipating the coming of spring, the city offered a magnificent promenade facing the Paraná river which, with the added value of the Asunción bridge, made us, Rosarinos, feel less homesick. The most prominent landmark to be noticed if one took a stroll by the river was the statue of Andresito, their local hero, with Guaraní blood but Argentine dreams…

The venue had been perfectly selected to meet the conference’s theme: “Parque del Conocimiento”, though quite inconvenient in terms of distance, offered a large stretch of green to move to and fro between plenaries and sessions, which inevitable contributed to “revitalise” our energy. The content of the different presentations that took place over the three days definitely managed to revitalise our minds and foster much reflection to bring back home:

  • The opening plenary introduced us to Richard Pinner and his “fallacy of the native speaker” followed by the assertion that “the native speaker is dead”, giving the three hundred non-native participants at the auditorium a ray of hope.
  • Some presentations focused on pronunciation, as in the case of Martín Villarreal and Geoff Lindsey and their reference to how to encourage phonetic authenticity.
  • Several offers referred to the role of technology and 21st century skills in order to foster authentic practices to meet learners’ skills and needs. Such was the case of Steve Taylor Knowles and his discussion on digital literacy; our colleagues Viviana Valenti and Marisa Galimberti and the use of “authenticated hyperlinked texts”; Verónica Giaccaglia and the exploitation of TED conferences to create role models for students to produce their own –equally authentic- presentations.
  • Many more sessions dealt with literature as an enabling tool to guarantee exposure to authentic – and authenticated- material. Some interesting presentations I could attend were Laura Kuperman’s “Poetry in the EFL classroom”, in which she shared a parallel poetry writing contest done at a secondary school. A truly inspiring workshop was delivered by Eugenia Carrión Cantón on the “the Moth effect”, a storytelling-based project aimed at raising confidence among students through different techniques in order to enable them to find their own voice.
  • Some local presenters discussed the asset of authenticity in research, thus giving credit to the invaluable hard work and effort invested by non-native speakers to investigate on ELT in order to improve their practices. Among these, I could listen to Paula Rebolledo and “action research”, and the always inspiring and encouraging Dario Banegas reflecting on a crucial issue: “Is research an authentic part of teachers’ practices in Argentina?

There was a great deal more, but it would take me pages to put down in words. There were plenty of academic experiences to nourish the mind. And many non-academic opportunities to meet colleagues from all over the country with the same goals, the same worries, the same needs and dreams; the possibility to meet “Faapi friends”, those that Faapi allows you to meet and cherish over the years, colleagues eager to share their experiences, studies, findings, expertise, or simply and humbly socialise what worked for them on a simple lesson, the miracle of everyday teaching. That, of all the things I had the chance to observe, has stayed with me as the most enriching experience, because in times of (academic) joy native Popes are plenty, but in times of woe not one in twenty…And that is precisely the moment when those of us who have struggled for years to become competent users of the language in order to prove equally competent EFL teachers breed together to produce self-generated knowledge to share. Because teaching is sharing and FAAPI is the closest opportunity we have to do so, to give and take, to question and answer…but on the whole to THINK, THINK and THINK.

So, are you Faaping next year? Santa Cruz awaits you!

Prof. Florencia I. Viale

[1] Dörnyei, Z. (2001). Teaching and Researching Motivation (1st ed.). Harlow: Pearson. Chapter 7 “Teacher Motivation,” page 158. 

[2]The Fabulous Feeling of Faaping” available at


FAAPI Conference Speaker Scholarship Winner

posted 7 Oct 2017, 17:34 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario

APRIR member Viviana Valenti was awarded the  APRIR Speaker Scholarship: 2017 FAAPI Conference . 

She travelled to Posadas, where she presented her paper 

"Optimizing Navigation in Authenticated Hyperlinked Texts to Guarantee Knowledge Construction".

This is what she had to say about the experience.

The fact that I travelled to Posadas to participate at the FAAPI Conference simply confirms that I am a FAAPI addict. The reason for this addiction is not difficult to understand. When I attended the first event, too many years ago by now, I found myself immersed in a world tinted by passion towards the profession I embrace - teaching. This new FAAPI meeting once more confirmed that it is a social and professional experience worthwhile living from the very first warm welcome to the final greeting when the new host association is announced. Needless to say, I enjoyed the comradeship of colleagues from all over the country, I became enthusiastic about the variety and number of presentations and workshops that left the impression that one would like to be in more than one room at the same time and, why not confess, that I loved spending the breaks flicking through new books at the stands. But, above all, I was pleased with the quality of the presenters (and I would especially like to highlight the performance of our native speakers who gave proof of their professionalism) who succeeded in posing the challenge to revise our concepts, to become critical of our own teaching practices and to implement changes that may revitalize our classrooms. I do thank APRIR for having made my trip to Posadas possible and I would like to invite you, teachers, to dare bring your views or experiences to the next FAAPI as sharing is the key to professional growth.

Viviana M. Valenti

Remember the Selected Papers from the Conference can be downloaded from the APIM website 

Tributo a Jane Austen

posted 25 Sep 2017, 21:07 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 14 Oct 2017, 18:41 ]

APRIR se suma a las actividades organizadas en todo el mundo y con orgullo presenta a la 

Prof. Nora L. Séculi 




Vigencia de su visión crítica, lúcida y penetrante de la comedia humana.

Colorized version of the 1873 re-engraving . Public domain.

Lugar: Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa. Buenos Aires 1174. 

Fecha: 19 de octubre. 18 hs.

Costo: (se abona el día de la presentación)

Socios de APRIR: gratis.

Alumnos de Profesorado y Traductorado: $50

Público en general: $100

Se requiere inscripción previa a través de este formulario

APRIR  desea agradecer a ARCI el apoyo a esta propuesta.

  • Nació, se educó y ha desarrollado su vida personal y profesional en y desde  Rosario.
  • Docente de extensa trayectoria en los niveles de enseñanza secundario, terciario y universitario de instituciones educativas estatales y privadas.
  • Profesora Nacional en Inglés con estudios de especialización en Literatura Inglesa, a cargo de cátedras de Literatura e Historia de la Civilización Inglesa, dictadas en inglés en el Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado y en español las del Área Inglesa de Literatura Septentrional en la Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad Católica Argentina y de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario. 
  • Se ha desempeñado, además, en cargos directivos: Regente de Cursos en la Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa; Directora de la Sección Profesorado en Inglés y posteriormente Vice-Rectora, ambos cargos en el Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado de Rosario.
  • Ha realizado trabajos de investigación y participado en congresos, jornadas y seminarios. Ha conducido durante más de diez años un taller literario de lectura y análisis de textos en idioma inglés. Con frecuencia es invitada a dictar charlas, conferencias y cursos sobre temas de su especialidad. 
  • Sus escritos en inglés y en español −principalmente ensayos y artículos sobre temas literarios, y también poesías−, figuran  en publicaciones afines, así como en medios gráficos y antologías. 
  • Fundadora y directora de la revista profesional APIR MAGAZINE, editada  por la Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario desde 1987 hasta 1994. En 1995 inició y dirigió hasta 2008 la publicación para profesionales de la enseñanza del Inglés THE APrIR JOURNAL, que fuera entonces  única en su tipo en nuestro país.
  • Ha participado y participa activamente en la labor de destacadas instituciones; ha integrado la Comisión Directiva de entidades de relevancia local y nacional, como el Club Español de Rosario y FAAPI (Federación Argentina de Asociaciones de Profesores de Inglés). Asimismo, colabora con el Centre Català y Amigos del Arte. En la actualidad es Vice-Presidenta de CIFER (Consejo de Instituciones Femeninas de Rosario), Presidenta de la Asociación Literaria NOSOTRAS y Presidenta Honoraria de APRIR (Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario), instituciones estas dos últimas en las que estuvo a cargo de la Presidencia en varios períodos anteriores. 
  • En 2016 se publicó su libro “De mi vida y el tiempo” Tomo I, el cual fue seguido en 2017 por el Tomo II del mismo título. 

Claudia Ferradas in Rosario

posted 15 Aug 2017, 20:47 by Asociación Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 11 Nov 2017, 13:39 by APRIR Asociacion Profesores Inglés Rosario ]

APRIR and  Oxford University Press take pride in presenting

Claudia Ferradas


Developing 21st Century Skills in the English Class 

Our effective choice of didactic strategies and materials for the teaching of English as an international language can contribute to developing skills needed to take an active part in global communication in an ever-changing world. Integrating critical thinking, intercultural communication, collaboration and creativity, this presentation will exemplify materials and tasks aimed at making learning experiential and meaningful for our learners 

When?  Saturday 16th September from 9.00 to 12.30 

Where?  Centro Educativo Latinoamericano – Av. Pellegrini 1352

Enrol and 
book your seat

Eventbrite - Claudia Ferradas: Developing 21st Century Skills in the English Class

or come to our office and avoid the surcharge (Wed 3 to 5 - Fri 10 to 11.45)

APRIR members who have cancelled their 2017 dues: free of charge
CEL staff: free of charge

Students: $150

Members of FAAPI affiliated TAs and other APRIR members: $150

Non-members: $250

Claudia Ferradas, PhD

Dr. Claudia Ferradas travels the world as a teacher educator and is an International Ambassador for IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). She has run training sessions and participated in conferences in over twenty countries.  She is a trainer with Oxford University Press, the British Council, Trinity College London and NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education.

She graduated as a teacher of English at the IES en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández” Buenos Aires, where she has taught language and literature and was also “Regente del nivel superior”. She holds an MA in Education and Professional Development from the University of East Anglia, UK, and a PhD in English Studies at the University of Nottingham, UK. 

Claudia teaches on the MA programme in Literatures in English at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, and is the Vice-president of APIBA. She has also taught on the MA programme in TEFL at the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Spain.  

Preventing and Managing Conflict in the Class

posted 10 Jul 2017, 17:32 by Mariel Amez   [ updated 24 Jul 2017, 14:55 by Asociación Profesores Inglés Rosario ]

 APRIR  takes pleasure in inviting you to the presentation: 

Preventing and Managing Conflict in the Class
by Patricia Zorio

Deadline to enrol: midnight July 27th

Research has proved that students´ potential for success and motivation to learn decrease unless the atmosphere in the class is friendly and relaxed. Therefore , it is our duty as teachers to acquire skills to become a teacher-coach in order to create a learning environment where core values such as appreciation, compassion, empathy, fairness and respect are promoted and  used  to perform positive action.

In this workshop, attendees will be interacting and experimenting with activities to prevent class conflict. Basic notions of Social and Emotional Learning  and Mindfulness will be provided so as to explain the rationale behind the activities. A variety of games and dramatic activities will be tried out and shared.

When?  Saturday 29th July - from 9.30 to 12 

Where?  Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa –Buenos Aires 1174 – Rosario

Enrol online and book your seat by paying in advance

APRIR members who have cancelled their 2017 dues: free of charge
Students: $100

Members of FAAPI affiliated TAs and other APRIR members: $100

Non-members: $150

Pay at APRIR's office or on site. 

After the Winter Break our office (Buenos Aires 1174) will be open on Wednesday 26th 3 to 5 pm  and Friday 28th 10 am to 11.45 am. 

Note: Vacancies are limited, so book your seat by paying in advance. 

APRIR  would like to thank ARCI for their support.

Patricia Zorio ´s biodata

Teacher of English since 1983, she started her career in Olavarría, Bs As, where she was head of Santo Tomás de Aquino Bilingual School. She came to Rosario in 1993, when she joined Asociación Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa , where she is still working as a teacher at different levels as well as coordinating the Drama Club. She has been Cambridge Speaking Examiner since 1996.

Due to her love of drama, she was Buenos Aires Players´rep from 2001 to 2013.Since 2003, she has been attending lectures, seminars and workshops in both English and Spanish so as to gain insight into Applied Drama as an educational resource.

In search for inspiration and tools to change educational paradigms, she became a certified Ontological Coach in 2013 and later specialized in Educational Coaching. In 2016 she got her degree as a Psychodramatist as well.

Currently, Patricia is attending a seminar on “Emociones y Salud. Una Mirada desde las Neurociencias” , at UNR . In addition, she has joined an annual postgraduate course on Psychodrama and the Arts.

She has been lecturing and coordinating seminars and workshops since 2001. In 2013 she founded Cre-Arte , a small enterprise through which  she provides coaching and pedagogical consultancy service to teachers, individuals and institutions.

Exploiting authentic videos in Business English classes

posted 3 May 2017, 18:26 by Mariel Amez   [ updated 10 Jul 2017, 16:08 ]

APRIR and ISPI "San Bartolomé" take pleasure in inviting you to the presentation: 

Exploiting authentic videos in Business English classes 
by Valquiria Fazzi

This workshop aims at exploring ways to exploit authentic videos. The materials will refer to Business English contexts, but the approaches to be described are relevant to EFL in general. This talk will help participants to devise tailor-made activities to suit learners’ needs and skills while providing the rationale underlying them. Several examples from the presenter´s own practice will be offered, as well as suggestions for pre, during and after-viewing tasks which contribute to creating an environment where learners feel they are “tapping” into the “real thing.” 

When? Saturday 20th May, from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm

Where? ISPI "San Bartolomé" –Tucumán 1257 – Rosario

Enrol online and book your seat by paying in advance

APrIR members who have cancelled their 2017 dues: free of charge 

Students: $100 

St Bartholomew´s staff: $100 

Members of FAAPI affiliated TAs and other APrIR members: $100

Non-members: $150

Pay at APrIR's office or on site

Our office (Buenos Aires 1174) is open on Wednesdays 3 to 5 pm  and Fridays 10 am to 11.45 am.


Valquiria Fazzi has been a teacher of English for 19 years. She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Language and Literature from UCEL University and a Master´s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Jaén. She has also earned a Graduate Certificate in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from Instituto Superior Parque de España and a Certificate as a Teacher of Business English (FTBE). 
She has been working at High School, tertiary and University levels in different private and public institutions. Currently, she is teaching at Instituto Superior N° 9123 San Bartolomé, at Instituto Superior Nº 49 J.J. de Urquiza and at Universidad de Rosario (UNR). 
She has also specialized in ESP, working in the fields of Business, Agribusiness, Tourism, Law, Science and Aviation. 
She is currently a member of the APRIR EC.

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