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Darío Banegas in Rosario

posted 25 Feb 2015, 20:03 by Asociación Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 25 May 2017, 08:05 by Mariel Amez ]

PrIR takes pride in presenting

Darío Banegas, PhD

TALK 1: Motivating people to motivate learning

How to motivate our learners is a constant concern among teachers. This raises questions such as: Where does motivation come from? How can we boost it? Do we know what motivates us? How? Why? Do motivated teachers motivate learners? Can we imagine identities to develop our motivation? How can we sustain motivation? What’s the role of vision, imagination, and reality in L2 development? How do my personal visions and social expectations influence my motivation and that of my learners?
We will explore activities for creating visions of possible selves and discuss ways in which we can move from “teaching English” to “teaching learners” without dismissing language learning. Finally, and as moving from practice to reflection, I will draw on the notions of possible selves and the L2 motivation self-system so that we start putting individuals first.

TALK 2: Revisiting materials in ELT

Learning materials are core components of our practices. Sometimes they become useful tools and some other times they dictate the courses we teach. In this talk I will explore learning materials in different formats and modes but I will particularly focus on coursebooks at primary and secondary school levels. Some of the questions I will raise are: What do coursebooks usually feature? Have they evolved? What do digital materials offer? Are materials challenging enough? Do they offer cognitive-rich opportunities?  Are they culturally-responsive? Are there any people against marketed materials? What do more recent materials offer? What’s the role of materials today? And more importantly, what’s our role in this hard-to-resist marketed world?

When? Saturday 25th April – 9 to 12.30

Where? ISPI "San Bartolomé" - Tucumán 1257

Free for APrIR members with 2015 dues cancelled

Students: $100

Other APrIR members, members of FAAPI affiliated Teacher Associations and San Bartolomé staff: $100

Non-members: $200

Deadline for enrolment April 23rd

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Watch this 2014 interview to Dr Banegas

Dr. Darío Luis Banegas is an associate fellow at the University of Warwick (UK) and a curriculum developer and teacher educator for the Ministerio de Educación del Chubut, Argentina. He is founding editor of the Argentinian Journal of Applied Linguistics and president of APIZALS, a teacher association in Patagonia. He has published in international journals, contributed to edited collections, and co-edited conference proceedings in Argentina. His main interests are CLIL, materials development, educational action research, and initial language teacher education. Contact e-mail: