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Master Shakespeare - on his 450th birthday

posted 23 Aug 2014, 09:16 by Asociación Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 30 Dec 2014, 22:03 by Mariel Amez ]

Celebrating the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth
 APrIR takes great pride in presenting

Prof. Mónica Pérez

with the ARCI Drama Club in

Master Shakespeare

"Which is the natural man and which the spirit? Who deciphers them?" Mistaken identities in Shakespeare´s comedies.

Interpreting Shakespeare both on the page and on the stage has often yielded interesting insights into the times and contexts in which the Bard worked and lived. Above all, it has opened new ways to understanding the nature of human passions.

The theme of mistaken identities in four Shakespearean comedies will be discussed in the light of Elizabethan stage conventions and of more recent interpretations.The talk will be illustrated by ARCI Drama Club, who will be play reading some scenes from the comedies.

Prof. Mónica Pérez graduated at INSP Rosario (today IES "O. Cossettini". Former teacher, DoS and CEM at Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa. Followed post graduate studies on Literature abroad and at home. At present she is lecturing on English Literature, Phonology and Psycholinguistics at IES "Olga Cossettini". She has given different talks on Literature and on the teaching of English pronunciation both in Rosario and in other towns.

When: September 5th, Friday at 6:30 pm.

Where: ARCI, Buenos Aires 1174 


APrIR members and ARCI staff: free (but online enrolment essential)

Non-members: $100

Students: $30