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Ms Redoano's 100th birthday

posted 8 Apr 2012, 08:26 by Asociación Profesores Inglés Rosario   [ updated 8 Apr 2012, 08:35 ]
As we mentioned in our March Newsletter, the response of older and younger teachers to the appeal to honour Prof. Redoano's 100th birthday was impressive.

We were able to put together and print 21 pages of greetings, memories and photographs of former students and colleagues of hers, not only teachers of English but also French teachers and even people who did not meet her in person but got hooked by this celebration of a teacher of teachers’ birthday.

On the morning of Jan. 9th. Ms Redoano received a surprise breakfast. This was followed by a parcel containing the messages and a new television set  A heater is due to reach her in no time (you can´t imagine how hard it is to get a store to sell you a heater in summer, and she had declined the offer of a CD player).  
The remainder of the money collected was given to her to spend as she sees fit. We would like to share the short note sent and bearing her signature.

We are very grateful to those colleagues and former students of Miss Redoano’s who kind-heartedly joined in this recognition. It is also worth pointing out that many people felt in honouring Miss Redoano we have honoured the whole of the teaching profession.